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Originally Posted by benji1997 View Post
I purposely tried running my fuel down as far as I dared. It was showing est. miles remaining of about 85 when I got the low fuel warning. After that it wouldn't show the estimated miles left anymore, only the "low fuel warning". It did bring up a list of nearby gasoline stations on the MyLink screen. I drove probably 2 miles and filled up. The tank took 14.9 gallons meaning I had 4.1 gallons left. I thought you guys (gals)might be interested if you ever saw the low fuel warning, how may gallons were still left in the tank about 2 miles after the warning appeared. Glad I could be of service.
It really depends on the DIC. I know there's AT LEAST ~50 miles left when that light comes on.

However, there's a second warning system that kicks-in when the fuel level approaches empty (2 gallons? idk).

I had both kick in when Sandy hit and I had to travel from northeast NJ all the way to Pennsylvania to get gas with less than 1/4 tank
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