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Originally Posted by DarkneSS View Post
I had my V6 for 3 years and 50,000 miles (49,345) and yesterday I traded up to a 2SS/RS. I figured I'd post my honest review as it might be helpful to someone.

As far as the exterior goes, the cars looked comically identical when I arrived at the dealer. My signature is actually my V6 so you can see what I'm talking about. I was unwilling to give up my beautiful Euro meshs so I offered the dealer a deal, they could swap the SS's stock rims to my 6, and put my rims on the SS.

The real visual differences happened getting into the car. My 6 was a 1LT with just the RS package and a spare tire. So going to what appears to be a nearly fully loaded 2SS is a giant leap. My 1LT interior now seems quite incomplete in comparison. Leather seats, heated seats, leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter, bluetooth with steering wheel controls, door lighting, Boston sound, what a massive difference. I never needed any of these things, and was happy without them, but this is one of those once you try it you can't go back scenarios.

The SS handles the same, as it should. It does seem tighter than the stock V6 suspension but it is not a night and day difference. I had BMR springs on the V6 that will go on my SS when I get the chance, I imagine it will still handle the same.

The V6 brakes much shorter than the 8, I could tell that immediately. However the pedal feel is softer and mushy making it difficult to achieve precision without a lot of seat time. The SS brakes are more precise and the pedal feels stiff and thus more sporty.

Interestingly there is also a big difference in gas pedal feel, not necessarily power related. The SS requires you press the pedal slightly more to achieve more than about 5-10% throttle. The 6 doesn't have this sort of "deadzone." I'm assuming it must be a sort of safety feature on the SS because once you press that pedal far enough, the kraken is released.

This thing PULLS. The V6 LLT legitimately pulls you and your passenger into your seats. The V8 LS3 however smashes you in. The difference will put a huge smile on an enthusiast's face, no doubt. It really scares you at higher MPH because you really start to feel it pulling your body into the seat and you realize how insanely fast it can go. The 6 creeps up to higher MPH and gives you a chance to think about what you are doing, the SS DOES NOT.

So all in all, if you can afford it and you are a person who likes to go fast, the SS is your car.

I must say though, if you don't drive like you're in the fast and the furious and speed isn't too big a deal for you, the V6 is probably actually the better car overall. A loaded up 2LT RS should be just fine for the average driver. The SS is really for the person who tinkers with their car every weekend, who doesn't know how many times they've been to the track, or how many tickets they have gotten...
Exactly my thought. Got fully loaded 2LT/RS, couldn't be happier. However test-drove both.
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