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My experience was pretty much the same.
I tested a 1SS the same day I bought the LT. Since I was only going to buy an auto, I tested the L99.
I wasn't terribly impressed with the power difference, but the torque did give it better responsiveness. The exhaust note was cool but WAY too muted.
The FE3 suspension felt a bit firmer but also a lot less comfortable...and since every YouTube review shows the V6 to pull a higher lateral G without the FE3 suspension, I just didn't see the purpose of putting up with a harsh ride. All the reviews show the exact same braking distance for both V6 and V8 so the Brembos are definitely doing their job, but have more weight to stop with a heavier car. No real advantage there either.
In the end, I just couldn't justify paying $38K when they were already dealing on the LT at $21.5K...
And...forgive me for saying so, but there's no freakin' way in hell I could learn to live with that goofy mailslot. It makes the car look both taller and narrower...both fundamental mistakes on a sports car. I'm quite pleased to see it removed on the 2014 model.
Now before you SS gearheads get your panties in a wade, let me make something perfectly clear. I respect the SS for what it is. I suspect the V8 will have good longevity...and we're all in love with the exhaust note. It's not that the V8 is bad...just that the V6 is so very very good.
There's simply no way I'm going to feed a V8 premium gas and get 14MPG for my trouble. Not gonna happen...
All I'm saying is that the SS wasn't the right car FOR ME.
I'll be keeping the LT.
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