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Originally Posted by suzook View Post
Yea...the v8 really sucks, its a real
What's your experience here? Firstly I never said it was a dog, although the argument has some validity. I said the throttle response sucked. These cars are not beasts.

The LS3 makes it's peak torque around 4500 rpm. That is not "a lot" of torque- 420 lb/ft. Maybe in the year 2013 we've forgotten what a "lot" of torque is. 510 lb/ft at 2200 rpm. That's a lot of tire-roasting torque under your foot. The LS3's 420 lb/ft is also not in the "low end" of the curve. If the car weighed 3000 lbs it might be a lot of torque. And if the rpm it made peak torque at was less than 3000 I could see the argument that we are approaching 'low end'. But neither is the case. I also expect a lazy gas pedal with a badly tuned carburetor, not with fuel injection.

The Camaro SS weighs about 4000 lbs. At around 2500 rpm, you're making a fairly small, 350-370 lb/ft. And that's what's motivating the heavy car from low rpm.

The peak torque is not available to get the vehicle moving at low rpms, such as you see from a stop or in a slow traffic situation. Now couple that with the lethargic throttle response.

We, or at least I, did not have the luxury of choosing a different rear gear, which would mitigate the issue, although at the cost of maximum fuel economy.
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