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There are a few things you can do.

Loose change Monopoly! Find a big jar and keep it in your bedroom. Everyday when you come home from work or hanging out with friends drop whatever loose change you have into the jar. When the jar fills up bring it to the bank and cash it out. I always come away with $400+ when my jar is full. Sometimes it takes 8 months or even a year and a 1/2 but it is a smart thing to do.

Let's see what can you buy for mods with $400? Well just to name a few...

Pfadt lowering springs.

Engine Mounts.

Sway Bars.

Re-examine your expenses! How much does alcohol cost you every year? Or eating out? How about cigarettes? Sit down one night and do the math. I was spending $3-$4k every year on smokes. Quitting puts that money back into my pocket and I could go crazy with that cash on mods. Those are just examples but the point is to whittle away on expenses so you can free up your money.

If you can make some smart choices and be patient you can better use the money you already made instead of struggling to generate more.

Another way would be a second job over the summer wouldn't hurt or something on the side over the weekends if you don't mind losing that free time.

That's how I deal with Mod Blues. I start looking for ways to make things happen.
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