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Well I participated in the 3rd annual Camaros for Heros event in Fayetteville NC. They had a mobile dyno so I strapped down to the rollers and heres the results. BTW the temp was 96 degrees. Sorry I don't have a scanner so I just took pics.

Type and make of dyno: DynoJet IDK the model
ODO at the time of the dyno: 11250 ish
Temperature: 96.33 F, 29.73 in-HG, Humidity 20%
Manual/auto: Manual
Gear used(3rd or 4th): 3rd (LS so in 4th I hit the speed limiter)
Modification: C.A.I. w/scoop, VMAX PTB, NO tune
Correction used(STD or SAE): SAE I think
Result: 268 HP/ 232 TQ
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