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Ive been so eager to mod my car, but wanted to pay it off first. That being said I still owe some on it, but I cant wait any longer. When I get back fron corpus I want to take it over to fastlabe and get their stage 1 package. Consist of 3" exhaust, lt headers, cai, and a tune. I really like the way their header and exhaust combo sound and buying each seperately cost almost as much as the stage 1. So why not get the cai and the tune with it amirite. I doubt itll change my mind on it, but since im on the subject, I thought 3" was for forced induction, and without you wanted to stay with 2.5". Anyone able to enlighten me?

Edit: I mean are these cars producing enough back pressure w/o fi to need 3"? Or even see any advantage, or is it going to hurt me a bit?

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