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Originally Posted by Rdunn View Post
its a jump, but im pretty confident in it. nothing is for sure till it runs it. thats why i said trying for a top spot.

i will be running 17" mt's. completly stock shortblock...minus cam. gonna see how fast i can go on it. going to order pistons, rods and a set of mast heads soon as the car gets back from this round of mods. but going to keep the stock cubic inches. i do alot of traveling with my drag radial car so i figure i will just bring the camaro with me to all the tracks also. lots more chances to refine the susp and keep knocking the times down. wont happen over night but i am coming for that number 1 spot.
Good luck.

Maybe Ill take my car out of partial retirement when someone goes faster.

Will you have this car at the camaro fest?
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