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Originally Posted by Sleez View Post
just crunched the numbers; i assumed it would be much cheaper than the plug and play versions available, but not really.

142.58 shipped for the leds
15.96 shipped for the 194 sockets
60.00 shipped for used sidemarkers (want to be able to return to factory, would be able to do that if i bought plug and play ones as well.)
plus paint and primer. have to assume 25.00???

so 243.54 total plus the satisfaction of doing it myself versus 280.00 shipped for a vendors product. so, all in all not saving anything really. but you may see benefits to this DIY as mentioned earlier; the thinner slit, retaining reflector, personal satisfaction, etc.

hmmmmm, not sure where i stand on this, leaning toward DIY, since i do enjoy working on my own car as much as possible.
I got my LEDs for 45 bucks... all four strips -

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