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Boston Acoustic Premium 9 Speaker Stereo? OMG!

I bought a new 2013 2SS/RS with Boston Acoustic Premium 9 Speaker Stereo, Mylink, and Navigation last week, and over the weekend I had the speakers and amps upgraded, because to be honest, it really sounds much worse than my 2012 1LT Standard 6 Speaker stereo sounded.

The sound was muddy and shrill, it was just plain aweful for an upgraded sound system.

So while upgrading, we could not find 2 of the speakers at all. There are only 7 if you include the 2 front tweeters, and center channel speaker.

And the rear speakers were not anything special, just your typical paper whizzer cone speakers just like my 1LT had. Look at what they had installed:

Now how do they call whizzer cones attached to the rear deck 6 x 9's two extra speakers? There is only 1 coil on those speakers. Is this what everyone else received with their Boston Acoustic Premium 9 Speaker Stereo?
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