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Originally Posted by KICKER View Post
And last one.
I kinda like this one the best.
Here is my idea.
Your canvas - a flat, yellowish desert just before dark. Middle of nowhere. No roads, not much of anything. Orange setting sun on the horizon.
From left to right - on the left, you know the famous "welcome to Las Vegas" sign? Well I want a lit sign that says "LEAVING LAS VEGAS"
Next is my car. Have you seen that Geico motorcycle commercial where he is cruising down the road and money is flying off of him?
Behind my car I want $100 bills flying off! I mean $100 bills like the commercial but on TRIPLE S-T-E-R-O-I-D-S. make it look like my car is HAULIN ASS! A "freakin" cyclone trail of 90% money & 10% dust. A money trail ALL THE WAY back to the "city lights" of Las Vegas. If you can only make out only one hotel name, let it be the Golden Nugget. Please use the same font, size & color KICKER as on my current sig. Maybe some sparks behind the front tires?
You are the man! Thanks!
(I'll be damned. The "boat" commercial just came on)
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