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Originally Posted by OmniCamaro View Post
First, thank you Mach for the great DIY! I hope to do this one myself in the future, funding permitted. Accomplishing something yourself that you love on something you love more is a great feeling! As many of us DIYers know, it's almost an addiction, lol.
Second, I don't think you need to defend yourself at all! These DIY's are an amazing part of these forums and a huge reason I'm hooked on
I feel MOD's should cull posts that distract from the DIY in DIY threads. Outside of problems incurred during the DIY from those of us that may need help, or find other sources (cheaper) for the parts, or to provide input that may help others, or to show off their work, I see no reason to post in the thread. I see zero reason for someone to post how "good" or "great" another product is that they purchased. I think it just distracts from the true meaning of DIY and the thread!

Keep up the great work Mach! Most of us appreciate it!
Thanks! I agree with you. If someone can buy something already made cheaper.. more power to you. But that doesn't matter this is a DIY thread. I am just happy this thread was useful to someone.
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