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Rear Speaker Keeps Blowing

I can't seem to figure this out and I'm hoping that you all can help me with this issue. Two weeks ago I had a 12 inch Hertz sub and amp installed by a local reputable audio shop. Everything sounded great when I got it, drove around listened to a variety of music at different volume levels and whatnot. The next day, the stock BA rear passenger side speaker blew. This is the side that the sub is installed on. Wasn't listening to anything super loud, had the bass control for the sub right in the mid range, nothing crazy. They were playing it louder when they were testing it after install than I was when I was listening to it.

Bring it back to the shop, they're not sure why it happened. I'm not either to be honest. I opted for them to install some different speakers rather than bringing it back to the dealership to get the BA speaker replaced under warranty. This time they installed some Sony XS 6x9's (from the sony GS line) which they said would work better than the Hertz speakers with the rest of the BA system/amp. They also installed some Hush Mat on the rear deck to help with vibration etc. Got the car back, sounded great. Two days later the rear passenger speaker blows again. And again, not listening to anything super loud, never turn the volume past maybe 17. I used to listen to stuff a lot louder than that before I got the sub installed without any issue. Now with the extra bass I don't need to turn it up as loud.

I'm trying to figure out what's going on here. I'm obviously going to call the shop again and see what they have to say, the Sony speakers are under a 3 year warranty from them. But I just can't figure out why this keeps happening. Wiring issue? Is the sub moving too much air causing the speakers to overflex? Any ideas? Here are some pictures of the install so you can see what I'm working with. Any input is appreciated.

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