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Originally Posted by Firefighter View Post
Pete the thing is I don't want the logo. I'll actually try and come up with something that says 1LE.

My problem is that if you do a front and rear painted set up from one of the vendors it's approaching $4K. I can do it cheaper with used parts and rebuild them myself. It will be a hassle. If the GM kit is mid $2K I'm going to go that route. I want black calipers and don't necessarily need fancy rotors the factory stuff will be ample.

I would consider doing the Racing Brakes rebuild kits with the SS pistons.

I'm still in the research phase. The stock SS brakes are really very good for the street and I can see them being adequate for the track until you reach a higher level of driving than I am currently capable of.

It is a 60/40 proposition for me right now 60% looks and 40% performance.

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the racingbrake rebuild kits for stock ss calipers come with new pistons. simply put i was not expecting a difference in performance or feel. the rebuild gave better heat management as well as a improved "feel" of the peddle. more feedback and control of the peddle was afforded by the rebuild kits.

I would recommend them to anyone...and have the 60% looks and 40% performance screams racingbrake even tho I am using them for 100% performance. They are offerin a complete brake kit using a new rotor, new caliper, fluid, lines, and pads that are getting the final tweaks out as we speak.
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