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Video from my 1LE at Grattan Raceway

This is from a couple weeks ago as I was having issues with my GoPro editor.

This is the first outing with my 1LE in my first session of the day. I was getting a feel for the car and just putting it through its paces. Car was bone stock with the exception of the Motul 600 brake fluid. I ran about 3 laps prior to the start of this video to warm up the car and came in to get some more space on the track. Becky D was my student that day so she is riding shot gun in the start of the video and then 1/2 way into the session I drop her off and pick up Mr. Wyndham (Joe) My buddy labeled the video incorrectly as it was not a Race not was it the second session of the day.

Track layout is in the picture below.

Edit. Forgot to mention with this group they enter the track at an emergency out. I really dislike this track entry, but they feel it is safer than having the student blend on the straight when the cars on track are at anywhere from 80+ mph AND Turn the volume down as its is all wind noise as the camera was mounted on the top of the windshield....AND as soon as I catch that Focus ST the checker flag is out so the last lap is a cool down...If you wait until the end you can see two ZL1 in the pits belonging to my two passengers.


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