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My Night In Bellmore

I was so glad to have been there tonight. I have not gone to this friday night at the station in many many years. Only this time I have to say, I was a celebrity. From the moment I got there people were gawking at my 2010. Everyone was loving it and spent the entire night fielding questions. Was rather funny. There was a point around 745-8pm where there was such a crowd around my car I couldnt get close to her. My friends thought it was hysterical.
For a little while I was the only one there then a Silver 1SS showed up. Which also happened to be sold to from Al (RPO_Z28) and Bast. Everyone Loved the color scheme I chose and it got some people to change their orders to CGM. Most people didn't even know it came in that color.
Al, thanks for getting me the spot. Your Vette is beautiful.
All hostly, if I charged a buck for every one who asked a question, I would have the first few months payments. It was prob THE car their. (I know it wasnt, but its really seemed like it) There were tons of other amazing cars also. People kept coming back bringing their friends.

I was a Rock Star.

Unfortunately I usually work friday night and can not go that often. B
But I will be back asap.

Had an absolute great time.
Thanks for the shots Al.
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