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Originally Posted by RayZ28 View Post
Saw this story about the possibility of getting e-license plates going in SC.. as far as the anti-theft and reducing the visits to dmv sounds like a plus.. but i can only imagine the price for these things.. here's the story..
It says the cost would be about $100.

Originally Posted by Mr_Draco View Post
I saw them on CNN earlier. They reported that they are expected to go nationwide by 2020.

It's a neat idea but I'm not seeing it actually being feasible. Besides the security aspect, how are they expecting to power them on current vehicles? Batteries? Require the owners to take them in every night and charge them up? I can see them being required on future vehicles that have a wiring harness built in and designed for it, but for older vehicles I don't think so.
I guess you missed this part

The e-plates could remain completely inert for up to 10 years without any charge and would only require energy if they were to change their display, which the plate would draw from the car's kinetic movements or solar power.
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