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Originally Posted by spen5151 View Post
Installed mine the other day and they look great! I used 3M tape rather than the clips. I also used adhesion promoter on the plastic to ensure the tape had a strong seal. They look great and do not look like they will come loose at all. Thank you for making these oneslow!
Originally Posted by 2013zl1guy View Post
I purchased some of the guards from ********** also. I think they are a perfect compromise between protection and how far they stick out (I'm not going for the rally car look). Instructions were included but it's a pretty straight forward mod. I also used the 3M molding tape, cleaned surfaces with rubbing alcohol and everything sticks great. I ended up using the retainer clips anyways as insurance, but when I had just the 3M tape it held very firm. I feel much better now knowing that I am NOT sandblasting the sides of my car anymore.

This is definitely the way to go if you don't want to spend over $100 for a $7 part that has been cut up, but you also may be lazy (like me) and don't want to spend the time measuring, shaping, cutting, and drilling. I chose to go the ~$50 route, which is my limit between buying a finished product and doing it myself. I honestly do not know why anyone would spend over $100 with this option available to them.

I bought the 3M tape from Walmart in the automotive section. I checked with the local Target and Home Depot first, but they did not have it.

Thanks for your purchases. Please post up some pics of them installed for us to see.
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