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From my DIT Hurst thread

I found some other guys selling these on the it, caught up a bit, found a vendor picked up selling for the member...aaaaaand, the vendor has been out of the brass bushings for a while. What to do, what to do.........

So I'm tooling around on the forum and what do I find? I find someone who has a few extra sets since he was in the exact same boat as me. Original maker of the bushings hadn't put any out and he was waiting like me.

So cool. He had'em....and I bought a set today. I went over to Blackjack, put my Camaro up on the lift, finally got those two damn allen screws that hold the shifter out, dropped the shifter and installed the brass bushings.

I can't EVEN begin to explain how much of a difference this little mod made. Ho-lee-crap. There IS no play anymore with the shifter while in gear. This is, IMO, the type of bushings that should have been installed in the first place. Yes...there is a potential for a tiny bit more vibration or sound, but that's dealt with by that sticky tar like black stuff that that you wrap around the shifter base and under the car.

Pretty incredible how this little mod was so easy and how much of a difference it made. Shifter feels like a total brand new shifter. I hope Hurst picks this up and only uses these from here on out. It's that important.
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