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Originally Posted by Andy@Livernois View Post
I am sure chris was making certain the car indeed was dyno tuned, rather than using the standard whipple tune. Unfortunately, I do not think it is going to be something we can figure out without having the car here. It will need to be recreated on the dyno, or while datalogging it to sort that out, that will tell you if it is tune, or mechanically created.

Hey Andy,

I was told by my tuner that it was a common problem in Whipple sc and its apparently the bypass valve which causes this problem. He's worked on many Camaros with Whipples, mostly automatics (lucky bastards don't lose boost during gear changes!! ) and it's usually an odd one here and there in the manual ones where the car doesn't seem to have this lag or delay issue. Now the issue also is the fact that we are in UAE. If I were in the US, I would've personally driven down to you guys and let you have a look. Also, unfortunately I'm not very good with technical terms but what basically it feels like when shifting hard and fast, is that when you get back on the gas, the power comes back (NA kinda power) but there is literally almost a 1 second, if not more before you can feel the boost punch back in.

I'm not saying I'm the best shifter there is but I know I can shift well enough and what's upsetting is that I am rating at 608 RWHP and a mildly modified, automatic CTS-V coupe rating at 548 RWHP on the very same dyno handed my a$$ over to me just because I was losing boost during shifts... He would inch up or rather metre up every time I shifted..

So is there anything we can do at our end to diagnose the situation or perhaps send some kind of logs or observations across to you so as for you to possibly study and analyze what the problem is?
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