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Originally Posted by BullF-16 View Post
Wow Pete, just saw this!!!

Awesome write up. I've been disposed as a range officer at my local USPSA club. The past 3 days i have been officiating 300 shooters from all around the country and globe for that matter. Just spent 12 hrs today in the Texas sun and wind and 10 hrs yesterday. Match, called Double Tap Championship, ends tomorrow at about 1400 hrs....hopefully. This match is usually the 2nd or 3rd biggest pistol match in the nation. I have to mow my damn yard still.

I will give a write up as to my experience with this latest update to my extraordinary experience with Pedders when i recover a bit later in the week. Let me say the car is on frickin rails, if thats possible for a 4112 lb car!!!! Mine is!!!

Here's a little clip from the DTC match a couple years ago when i was an Range officer on stage 2. You can see my fat arse at the 41 second mark and up to the minute mark on the video of one of the better shooters. My job was to check for safety infractions record the hits and time for scoring purposes. Im in the white shirt with the clipboard.....I love paperwork btw!!! Couldnt find any vids of this years so far or last years but didnt look real hard...time for motrin, beer and bed!!!!!!!!!


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