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Originally Posted by SSE 4 2SS View Post
JR knew way ahead of time through discussion on the boards that I was going with a 427 CI motor, yet he never mentioned that the turbos with the kit were going to be too small... He seems to be full of facts and so analytical yet he never picked up on this... I certainly wasn't aware of it being a problem at the time...

I have to ask, if you had turbo installed for one week and they crapped the bed, would you want to have to go in an buy two new turbos or drag your car 1000 miles home... How it I had to pay 3600 dollars for two turbos that JR told me retailed for 1600... and he paid substantially less than that for them... I have a price sheet directly from Precision.

This is my opinion, and like you, I am entitled to it based on the way I was treated...
Speaking of opinions we had talked about turbos a while ago, focusing on turbo size. Our conversation, that also included another member, led me to calling tial about turbos and motor size. I know we don't have the same turbos, but they said with a 427 2 GT35s would have no problems and these turbo are about the same size as your old ones. That and the fact that I've had a 416 for 7,000 miles on the the same turbos that I've had for the last 30,000 miles make me think the granatelli/tti kit might have had an oiling issue or something.
Anyway more to the subject at hand, I'm sorry that you are having those issues with Granatelli. My experience with him was a brief but positive one, but when I went to purchase his turbo kit the salesman I was talking to about the kit could have won an award for being the biggest asshole on earth (Apparently he did me a favor) I bought the IPS kit. This was in January 2011.
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