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Interesting Conversation with dealer today...

So there is not any real new news here so you may not care to read any further but I was at the dealer today get scheduled maintenance on the ZL1 done and so I thought I would go in and talk to Mike the owner of the dealership who is personal friend of mine. This dealership has been in his family for 47 years and he took over from his father about 19 years ago so he has been in the business for quite a while.

I am 2nd on the list for notifications when the Z/28 allocations are made so I asked him if he was concerned about getting an allocation and he said "absolutely not". He told me that allocation of the Z/28 are primarily based on the dealer sales of ZL1's over the last two years and that even though they have a very small dealership, their percentage of ZL1 sales versus overall sales was what GM was "more than likely" going to use as a metric to determine Z/28 allocations. He said he has sold 11 2013 ZL1's and 9 2012's which placed him in the top 20% across the country and top 10% in Florida from a percentage of sales perspective. He said the allocations of COPO's where handled much differently because it was sold through the part's department and not the normal sales channels. He said he expected GM to make "plenty" of Z/28's based on the reception of the ZL1 and thought it would not be overly difficult to get one.

He told me that he was selling any he got at MSRP, no markup. He believes that dealers who mark up the Z/28 too much may be underestimating the amount of Z/28's GM is going to produce. He thinks that is going to be a mistake. He estimates a number less than the ZL1,but not by much; something around the numbers for the first year ZR1. He says his approach will be to get as many as he can and sell them at sticker so that any next gen Camaro that has low allocations he will be high on the list at GM when those future allocations are made.

Finally, he said that GM envisions the Z/28 having an appeal far beyond the muscle car or Camaro crowd. GM is banking on the Z/28 pulling in a whole new group of buyers that have traditionally gone with Euro's or even Vette's. He thinks that this new group of buyers will more than make up for the lack of traditional Camaro buyers that may not want to spend what it takes to get a Z/28.

He stressed that the Z/28 will not be for everyone though he knows nothing more than we do about price, availability, etc..etc. He also stressed that everything he said was "total speculation" and "an educated guess" having been in the business for so many years.

So, I left very excited and though I am not sure I will actually pull the trigger on one, it is nice to know that it looks as though people who want one and have the resources to get one will be able to do just that.

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