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Originally Posted by jake2212 View Post
sure. for starters I, a 19 year old boy knew more about my car than the techs at fairway. they tried telling me that i needed to replace my radiator as well as my condenser when i went in to get a new condenser put in. also, apparently my car is "too heavily modded for warranty work." so i went to bozarth and they pretty much treated me horribly. it was as if they didn't want me there and the tech was rude to me the whole time i was talking to him. terrible service and i will never go back again. findlay on the other hand is the only dealer i will go to here in las vegas. their service techs are very friendly and know what they are talking about. i ended up talking to the service manager for a good 1 hr the other week about cars in general. when they put my new condenser in they did it pretty quick and it was a painless experience, i actually kind of enjoyed it.
Originally Posted by Bauer2 View Post
I'll try again

Bankston Chevy woudn't deal at all and wanted about 2.5k over MSRP for the car I wanted. On top of it they were trying to low ball me on my trade in by about 2.5k saying something about they couldn't warranty the car because it had rims that weren't factory even though the rims were on it from the original dealership with the factory warranty. I told them this and they said to bad. Overall they made me feel like I was bothering them by being there so I left.

Moritz Chevy I had several issues with their Maint dept trying to charge me for warranty work and when I took my girl there to look at cars the salesman was very pushy and lied about numerous things about the cars and financing options that would be available. I just let the guy talk while I listened to him try to BS us then we left.

This applies to all so no need to list it three times. DFW Texas DFW Texas Lake Charles Louisiana

All three made me feel at home answered all my questions and were truthful to me even if it wasn't what I wanted to hear. They definitely made it apparent they wanted my buisness and were willing to work with me to get it. I have no bad things to say about any of them.

Sent from the fast lane!
added - didn't add the three in TX you listed because need you to explain why you're rating them as a Dealership (doesn't matter if it's been said before)

Originally Posted by BRAVO 2SS View Post

Fremont Chevrolet is Awesome! Customer service is TOP NOTCH!!!

Courtesy Chevrolet in San Jose... Sucks! Went to buy my Camaro...they totally ignored me. Thought I was a punk. Even told one of the guys I was looking to buy a Camaro Today! They said...someone will be with you...after 30 minutes I walked out...went to Fremont...they took care of me.

Two weeks later...went with my GF to buy a Tahoe...same thing...she was ready to drop 50K on a Tahoe! Again went to Fremont Chevrolet bought one that day. If courtesy was professional and courteous ...they would have had 100K in sales.
So your experience was only with the sales department at Courtesy? And why is Freemont Chevrolet "top notch"?

Originally Posted by skibik View Post
The dealerships are pretty scarce here in Northern MN. I won't list the dealership where I bought my car down in the southern part of Minnesota as I have mixed feelings after I bought the car from them.

But I do need to give a shout out to my hometown dealership, Northern Motors Inc of Thief River Falls, Mn, for fixing my dash insert under warranty. Even though I didn't buy the car there they took care of me like I had. Since our local dealership closed and now closest dealership is 40 miles in one direction or 50 to my hometown I chose that one. So I didn't have to sit around at the dealership for 2 hours waiting they even let me use a loaner car to run around town with.

Originally Posted by Netraa View Post
I too have had issues with this dealership.

in 08, Me and the wife were going to buy a chevy equinox, the dealership was woefully behind on styling, the 'managers' still sat on a raised dais in the corner with the wood paneling. my 'salesman' came back with an offer for $500 on my trade in, and a best and final offer of sticker on the equinox. At the time they were selling for 4k below.

in 11 I was looking to buy a Camaro, i showed up at the place an hour before they closed, and all the 'salesmen' were clustered around the cutie at the front desk and could not be bothered to come ask me if i needed help.

and just a month ago, my radio in my camaro crashes from time to time. It happened to be by them when it crashed again, took it in and told them not to turn it off because the radio resets when you do. First thing the guy does is drive the car back into the shed and turn it off.

freaking morons.
Were they able to fix/correct your radio issue?

Originally Posted by RubyCamaro View Post
For Service my hometown dealership, Payne Chevrolet in Springfield, TN has a great service dept. Rick Green, is a knowlegable and caring service manager(? not sure of his title exactly). We have had several Chevys & GMC's serviced there over the years & never had a problem. They have done a few warranty things on my Camaro & I have been very pleased.

They also have a great body shop. They order most of their Camaro stripeless & paint them on themselves. A friend of mine wanted stripes on hers the exact color of her husband's motorcycle. They mixed & remixed the color for her several times until she was satisfied & it turned out great.

Originally Posted by Heaven_is_inferno_orange View Post
Big M Chevrolet in Radcliff, KY are amazing. I purchased my Camaro from them and they have also serviced my Trans Am on a few occasions. They have always went above and beyond for me. When my husband was deployed and I was left with his Trans Am not running and had no way to fix it myself nor anyone to even help me, they took care of it. I was new to the area and didn't know a single person and we had just PCS'd to Knox before they deployed my husband so money was tight.They spent all day with me waiting in the waiting room looking for an intermittent electrical issue that caused the car to not start. They spent at least 6 hours on it going through wiring and testing as I watched. They treated me very well and after finally finding the issue only charged me for 1 out of those 6 diagnostic hours for which I am forever grateful for. They complimented the car and took great care of it. And everytime I come back they always welcome me and treat me with the same respect and friendliness and ask about the Trans Am. They've been very knowledgeable about the vehicles and have done exceptional work in correcting the issues at hand. They have even been kind enough to help me with the issue I'm having with Sears right now and have gone well above and beyond to help me. With all the stress and frustration Ive had over Sears to have such a great service dept. at this dealership back me up and do so much for me means so very much. They are a great representative for GM and I would recommend anyone in the area going to them for anything. Tracy the service manager is outstanding.

On the flip side of this Harbor Chevrolet in my hometown of Michigan City, Indiana are horrible. I had nothing but problems with them working on my Z28. First they sold me the car with a water pump that was so bad it was out of coolant the second day it was home. Then after they fixed it they didn't put any coolant back into it and sent me on my way with an empty engine! Not to mention there saleman tried to tell me it was 2000 Camaro Z28 when it was a 1996 Z28. I knew better than to believe him and had to argue with him about it. And when the BCM was going out on the car they had it almost a month trying to figure out what was wrong with it and couldn't. I ended up taking it to another dealership that figured it out before noon the day I took it in.

Originally Posted by Hybrid View Post
Dealership= Stingray Chevrolet (Plant City, FL)

Stealership= Ferman Chevrolet (Brandon, FL)

Originally Posted by ShmRocc View Post
Green - for Gearhart Chevrolet in Denville NJ.
Originally Posted by Denis View Post
Curry Chevrolet - Mt. Kisco NY

Had an appointment tomorrow for a tranny and rear diff service. Well i accidentely showed up today and they were able to fit me in. Which is awesome because the closest dealer is like 40 minutes away. Well the whole thing took a little longer than expected but they were busy and they did just fit me in so that's not an issue at all. All in all it was a very positive experience at Curry Chevy.
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