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Mod 4: VMax Ported Throttle Body

Price: $150.00 + $200.00 Core Charge + $15.00 S&H

The core charge is the approximate value of a new (non-ported) throttle body from GM. Upon returning the stock core from your vehicle the charge will be refunded. I chose to keep my original core pending any need for replacement down the road. In the shipping box they encouraged that the stock core should be returned within seven days to ensure the refund. Shipping took a few weeks but Tracy at RX performance stayed in contact and responded to my emails quickly and promptly.

While the gains reported for the VMax throttle body vary from 2-12HP (the lower end seems more likely) I decided to make the purchase due to all the positive reviews on Camaro5. The installation took about fifteen minutes.

Upon starting the car it seems to rev a little higher than usual although it settles down after a few seconds. As reported the "dead" spot is reduced. this is most noticeable cruising in 6th gear. I am able to shift into 6th at lower rpm's without feeling like the engine is starved for power.

Ported Throttle Body

Stock Throttle Body

Ported Throttle Body Installed

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