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Originally Posted by TAG UR IT View Post
^Yep. Dude...I'm sorry. It's tough to tell sometimes, but they are right. Upside down. Flip flop it and all will be good!
Thanks will fix it
Now for new bizz, My car was a test pig for K&N this week, Drove to K&N on Monday and got there in the am to drop the car for a CAI to be test fit on the car and went back on Thursday to get the car back at that time i got to see the CAI it looks like all but two of the ram air intakes and if a dry filter so now problems for the MAF, Got a hat and a t-shirt and a new filter for the GM air box and will get a CAI 1 month before it is realest to the world so maybe in 2-3 months, I asked for a dyno of my car and got it not that good but i have an idea why that is. (long story 87 gas not 91, CA/AZ no 93) So for the good of CAMARO5 i am working on rims and a lot more i Will update this as i get more done to the car.

I will post some pics of the dyno and filter.
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