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Dealership: Hudgens Holiday Chevrolet Cadillac in Williamsburg, Virginia. Awesome place. Great sales and service department. Even bought me lunch once while waiting my wife's equinox which was soaking in fuel system cleaner for 3 hours (engine decarboning). Always get tons of offers to drive the sales rep's demo cars to wherever I may need to go When in for oil changes or tires rotations...although they did try to low ball me on my trade in. They fixed that after I showed them the quote from carmax. .

Stealership: Casey Chevrolet in Newport News, Virginia
They would not listen to me at all. I told them I wanted to order my camaro and I wanted a fully loaded 2LT RS. The sales rep proceeded to ignore me completely and showed me a 1LS and 1SS -_- all they wanted was my money. They weren't trying to be nice or helpful or listen. When I finally got the sales rep to realize what I wanted they did give me a pretty good price...about 800 less than Holiday in Williamsburg because Casey is a higher volume dealership. But I did not want to give them my money. I said no thanks and left. Then they called a week later telling me they got some new camaros on the lot and I told them I already bought one from holiday and they said ok and hung up. A week or two later "we have some new camaros for you to look at!" Told them the same thing...two weeks later "are you still interested in buying a camaro?" I said NO!! Then proceeded to take the 35 mile trip down there to show them my car and said STOP CALLING ME! They stopped .

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