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So the moral of the story is don't screw the moderators, you'll lose business. LOL

I've never made a purchase from Granatelli myself. The only thing I even looked at from them were the spark plug wires. HA.

Honestly, their inventory and prices don't aren't all that great. I find great deals here from owners and other venders, ie. TSP, FSP, RPD, Maryland Speed, RPI and Phastek. I mean who in their right mind would spend nearly 1000 bucks on a 1G Suspension bracing package when our car doesn't even need it! Looks like marketed crap you find on Ebay. "Buy this resistor for your MAF sensor it increases hp +20" HA!

Reading this thread fairly thorough I'm trying to understand this. How does someone say 1600 for each turbo but the price for both is 3600? What is the other 400 for?Removal and installation? Then keeps your turbos to send them back to Precision to get repaired then resell them? I don't care if they came off his display motor. He sold them at over full price. Then gives you a later-to-be-determined refund. What kind of horses#!t is that?

I wrote TSP an email about building my engine. They sent me back a quote along with the buyback for the engine. That's just good business etiquette.

I understand people have their good and bad experiences with vendors. However, you would expect that a company would put the customer first. Especially one that has some PR pull. Just saying. Then again there are people out there who think that just because they are the customer they are 100% right. You have to exercise good judgement in any circumstance.

In any case, weren't these Turbos covered under some sort of warranty? Personally I would have looked into why they failed. If it was due to some sort of mechanic error then Granatelli would be 100% reliable. If they just failed due to design or engineering then that would be a liability on the manufacturer. And if they were sold without a warranty then you would be just SOL. But it still doesn't deter from the fact to why he kept your crap turbos, sent them for repairs to later sell them, especially being that you had another buyer for them. That, to me, is a little schiesty. I could see how the your time and the constant run around, failure to handle the situation properly, would eat away at your patience.

Personally, I don't trust Italians much. Ever see that movie "The Goodfellas"? Guys always trying to make a buck, scamming, and doing schiesty deals. Not saying every Italian is like that, but I tread water very lightly around them. Also goes to say the same for most backwoods shadetree mechanics.

Being a mechanic myself, I know the importance of attention to detail is to the customer. I wouldn't want to be suckered or screwed myself so why would I do the same to them just to make a quick buck. I wouldn't do that to someone who doesn't know mechanics or is just plain rich. I believe in hard work ethic and earning your keep.

SSE 4 2SS, I hope you get your resolve. I would probably consider hiring a lawyer.

Something every mechanic shop should live by, "If you don't have the time to do it right the first time, when will you have the time to do it over?".
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