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Originally Posted by Rdunn View Post
cant wait to get the meth and bottle on this car. got to the track early to let the car cool down. then got stuck in staging lanes forever. car wasnt hot but it sure wasnt as cold as it was when it was running 7.0@100mph a few weeks ago.

at the 1/8th mile event a few weeks ago i went the above time. tonight with the car warmer best i could get on my only pass( it was very crowded tonight) 7.2@95mph. lost 2 tenths and 5mph. but still ran a new best of 11.2@122pmh.

im 100% this car with the way it is set up will run a 10 sec pass. but this was the last night for this set up.

sixty 1.60 (this is also about 1/2 a tenth slower than usual)
1/8 7.261
mph 95.37
1/4 11.23
mph 122.08

The heat sucks. Nothing we can do about it.

How long will they have your car to complete the updates?
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