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Mod 6: DefenderWorx Matte Black Locking Fuel Door

Purchased: Ebay
Cost $100.00

To continue with the matte black theme I had started with the powder coated rims, I purchased the DefenderWorx locking fuel door. The install was a little tricky and much more involved than I expected due to me wanting it perfect. Removing the old locking mechanism was fairly difficult. The instructions indicated that the mechanism should just pull out after releasing it; however, it required a great deal of work to shimmy it out without damaging the unit. (I got the impression from the instructions that the design might have changed slightly from the '10 & '11 models but I am not sure.) The instructions said to use a set of tin snips to cut back part of the hinge to allow the locking portion of the new door to fit (See second photo). I used a hacksaw which worked just as well. The only disadvantage of using the hacksaw was that the hinge wanted to sway with the cutting mostion

In the first photo you will see the metal bracket that slides over the old locking mechanism (notice the old push pin is cut off at the base and pushed inside the mechanism). Two of these metal brackets were included - one slightly higher than the other. The shorter of the two was not tall enough and I was unable to latch the door using it. The taller of the two was too tall. With this bracket installed, I was able to pull the door open about a centimeter with it locked This would not do. I used a vice to straighten and re-bend the bracket to a height slightly lower. I ground off the excess and and after a few fitting sessions got the perfect height! This is why the bracket looks a little beat up in the photo.

As you can see in the first photo, the old locking mechanism is used to hold the metal bracket. Two pieces of double back tape are included with the fuel door to secure the mechanism back in place. These are completely inadequate. With the two pieces installed I was easily able to force the door open, pulling the whole mechanism out in the process. To rectify this problem, I purchased outdoor grade Loctite double back tape. I cut a generous piece and forced it into the gap. This has held up beautifully.


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