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What is the "practical" step after the Camaro?

I'm likely not going to get rid of the Camaro any time soon, but I've at least recently started thinking/considering the options outside of the Camaro and came to one conclusion: anything in or below the cost of my LS Camaro on the market currently sucks haha

We have an 8 month old baby. My wife drives a Honda Pilot (really awesome family car IMO) and the Camaro. I pick up the kiddo from daycare every day in the Camaro. Throw the car seat in the back with a base no problem and yesterday hit the mall afterwards and fit our full sized Graco stroller in the trunk.

So really I don't NEED to change anything right now. The only considerations really are 1) I've had no real problems or worries in the winter yet, especially with my winter tires. But it becomes a bigger consideration when I'm thinking of driving around my child. and 2) eventually we may have another child and then I just couldn't swing it.

What is out there that looks good, has 300hp, and is in a reasonable price range? Does that even exist?
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