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Originally Posted by haynes View Post
This will be my first true sports car. I am 53 yr old male. 4 kids. 2 of them just finished college. I had a major health issue 18 months ago and still have many residual issues from it hence the auto tranny. Shit its even hard for me to get in and out of the car but I don't give a shit. This has been a dream of mine since a young boy. I always said to my kids who ever got rich had to buy me a mustang convert but when the new camaro in 2010 came out it all changed. Must likely I won't be racing anyone due to bilat leg issues but had to have the SS anyways. Extremely excited. Thanks for listening
Congrats on your order, but as been stated before the first 2014's that come off the assembly line first for customers will probably be held for QC and as Becky says GM and Chevy want to get it right before they ship them. I hope it's not a long wait.
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