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Originally Posted by meissen View Post
I don't fault the vendors themselves as much as I fault their pricing. I know the 5th gen Camaro is a hot car and the big thing out - but sometimes you'd think the products were built with 24k gold or made from the tears of baby unicorns. I wish I had the ability to make and produce products because frankly I'd have products with realistic pricing instead of just blatant gouging.

My favorite example, without naming names, is a vendor that sells a back-lit LED bowtie for the Camaro for $140. There is an equivalent product for the Chevy Cruze (and unfortunately, it's a different size than our Camaro rear bowtie) and it sells on ebay for less than $20. I'm sorry, but seeing that if it were any vehicle I could get it for $20 REALLY turns me off from spending $140 just because it's for a Camaro.

I always heard people complain about the "Corvette tax" on the aftermarket products, but it appears the 5th gen has introduced the "2010+ Camaro tax" as well.

Well put.

Also gets me when they say "here is my price, but will meet any others you find"......
No give me your best price.
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