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Originally Posted by Turbo99 View Post
I might have to Dave I have struggled with it the last few weeks trying to get it right. It worked great before and your right about having the first set-up. You have offered enough I think I may have to set up a time to get down there and do some updates, I have seen some pics of your new stuff and it has come a long way and looks great.
Jeremy I will see you on the 20th for your update, I did your car 6/2011! I want to make the 30% larger core and Dual Chillers available for the Camaro; I donít know if I will have time on the ZL1 coming in Friday but maybe something along these lines might work for you? Our Dual ZR1 works great and the 30% larger core is available as an option on all the other kits.

Originally Posted by forklord View Post
make an eforce kit!

We can do an Eforce kit but it requires the pump be relocated. Once the ZL1 kit is done we may be able to fit the Eforce without moving the pump.

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