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Originally Posted by Swacer View Post
Ah, so freedom of speech dies if you don't like my comment? lol

No it’s not freedom of speech. Most normal adults when discussing issues will not say things that may make them look like a jerk. They will move on and disregard the discussion.

On the internet and the ability to address a subject with anonymity gives the poster a feeling of hey I can say and do anything and not worry about the impact.

So the up front and sometimes mean statements you get here you would not get in a personal conversation. On the internet there is basically no respect for any one person or any conversation. If you understand this your WAY BETTER Off…. It really is too bad that people associate freedom of speech with complete disrespect of others via internet discussions.

When reading threads OP, I would say just add those to the banned user list that do such things. So you don’t have to read the non-since.

Just another reason to be disgusted with society…

The inability to understand Freedom and the responsibility it carries to each person.
Btw, it’s not funny… just another troll to ban.
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