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Originally Posted by HeadonaStick View Post
I'll use my first post here to respond to this one....

I have been out of college for over 17 years and still have 100k in college loans - and I went to a state school not a private one.

I have no hope of paying these loans off before I retire (if I retire).

There is no way, ever, to get away from college loan debt. It is the closest thing to indentured servitude left in the United States.

Students go into debt with the promise of a well paying job when they graduate - that is turning into a longshot.

My son will never, ever take out a student loan. I will sell my car, my home or anything else I have to to see that he does not have to take out loans - as long as he is willing to work to help foot the bill.

College is something that everyone should have the opportunity to experience - but the reality of student loans is becoming a bad nightmare for many, many students. My story is becoming the norm, not the exception.

Just one man's opinion.


LOL, I didn't mean to sound so negative. I am a teacher and believe in education. College is one of the best experiences of my life, in and out of the classroom, and everyone should go if given the opportunity - but student loans are killing me and many students are in similar situations. My only advice is use student loans sparingly and as a last resort. My very best semesters in college were when I was working 50 hours a week!
Im sorry to hear abt your diff. school prices do suck but not everyone has the ability to sell their stuff to pay for school and like it or not the prices are only going to go up so for some the only way they can go is to take out loans. Now id still like to know what the heck school you went to 17 years ago that you racked up well over 100k in loans? If you are a teacher im assuming you just got a bach. and that would be 25k a yr. IDK any State school that charges that. there are other schools that cost less. its abt the choices you made to get where you are at. No way in hell would i choose a school that would cost that much unless im 100% sure im gonna make 100k a yr after.
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