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Originally Posted by Est.July.4.1776 View Post
Eh... six figures a year on a high school diploma here... was making 50k/yr in my previous job... just gotta sacrifice your social life and find a Class 1 railroad that's hiring (most are).

(I was five courses from my bachelors and maintained a 4.00GPA throughout earning my associates and up until I got sick of school... but my job doesn't require any college... just drug free, dedication and common sense)

Good on the OP to be a great dad... I hope your daughter appreciates the gesture and gets the most out of her education... keep her away from bullshit degrees... medical and engineering are the way to go, IMO.
Again im happy for you. you worked hard to make it where you are. Not once did i say you cant make alot without a college degree. look at Bill gates. anything is possible with hard work and dedication. this is the great thing abt the USA. but even if a 1000 ppl with HS diplomas come on here and tell me they make xxx amount of dollars the statistics still show that you are more "likely" to make more with a college degree. i said it is a good INVESTMENT not that you are 100% going to do well with one and not 100% going to do bad without one.
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