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Originally Posted by walky35 View Post
Im sorry to hear abt your diff. school prices do suck but not everyone has the ability to sell their stuff to pay for school and like it or not the prices are only going to go up so for some the only way they can go is to take out loans. Now id still like to know what the heck school you went to 17 years ago that you racked up well over 100k in loans? If you are a teacher im assuming you just got a bach. and that would be 25k a yr. IDK any State school that charges that. there are other schools that cost less. its abt the choices you made to get where you are at. No way in hell would i choose a school that would cost that much unless im 100% sure im gonna make 100k a yr after.
Actually I have a Master's from the University of Wisconsin. Why would you assume a teacher has just a bachelor's degree? Well over half of the teachers in the nation have a master's or higher.

Anyway, take a look here: I think that estimate is a little low especially if you live off campus.

You are looking at only tuition. There are books, supplies, housing, fees and interest on the loan. If you ask for a deferment of any kind during the life of the loan or consolidate the loans the interest hits hard.

Loans may or may not be inevitable for people, but as I said, they should be the very last alternative, in my opinion. It is possible to work full time and make it through school.

YMMV and I applaud the OP for taking care of his daughter. I will do the same if necessary. Hopefully my son will earn some scholarships and will be willing to work for his degree.
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