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Arrow Had a Mustang as a rental for three days; My Review

Brought my Camaro in to get my rear bumper taken care of from a previous rear end accident I posted about a while back and ended up in a Mustang for 3 days (I'm now in a hybrid Kia Optima because the Mustang only had 8% oil life left... I'm taking a road trip tomorrow, didn't want to damage the engine, even if it is a rental Ford haha).

My Camaro: 1LS, 6 Speed, V6

Rented Mustang: Base, Auto, V6

Exterior wise the car looked, well... like a Mustang. I honestly feel it's a pretty good looking car. The xenon headlights come standard, and the tail lights look really nice. I still prefer the Camaro exterior as it looks more mean and has a more pronounced/aggressive stance in my opinion, the regular headlights don't bother me one bit in my ride, just interesting to note the Mustang has the upgraded ones standard.

Mustang 7, Camaro 9

Upon sitting in the Mustang, I felt it had cheaper quality everything. From the dashboard to the seats and even the steering wheel, it all had a chintzy feel. Seating position was not all that great either. Radio seemed weaker than the stock Camaro radio. Infotainment system overall was not as good as the Camaro's. I felt more cramped inside as well. Not as roomy and not as jet fighter pilot-esque.

Mustang 5, Camaro 8

The handling was quite a bit better in the Stang, it was much more lighter on its feet and "felt" faster. Where the Camaro likes to roll a bit the Mustang stood strong with more bite. The ride was slightly harsher but not completely noticeable unless actually going over speed bumps (which upset the Mustang A LOT more than my Camaro--could be the rear suspension differences).

Mustang 7, Camaro 6

The power delivery was pretty nice, it "felt" faster in this aspect as well. The Mustang's stock exhaust sounds quite a bit more pleasing then the Camaro's. Overall the Mustang has numbers on its side with a better power to weight ratio. I feel like it might be a draw if transmissions were the same.

Mustang 7, Camaro 7

Finally, the overall gut feeling. I think at the end of the day both vehicles are nice, but the better handling of the Mustang does not make up for the cheap feel, nor the absolute sexiness of the Camaro.

Final Score: Mustang 26, Camaro 30

If I had the choice to go back, there's no doubt I'd take the Camaro.

And if I factor in a little bit of Bias... Um... what's a Mustang?

Hope you guys enjoyed the read through. I forgot to get pics but it looked just like this...

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