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AR inside the home, non-AR... Can anyone point to anything that suggests an AR to be potentially more dangerous to your surroundings than a handgun? Because everything I read says otherwise. The only time I ever read about an AR being a worse choice for home defense is from personal opinions and Joe Biden's comrades.

I'm assuming everyone has seen this... probably a dozen times, and probably even somewhere in this thread?

I guess what I'm asking, Charlie and the others who think an AR is a bad idea in the home... do you have any source that says otherwise? Not trying to ruffle anyone's feathers either, but I've never read it.

As far as the kinetic energy debate...

55gr bullet (3.6 grams-ish or .0036 kg)
Muzzle velocity about 3200 fps (about 975 meters/sec)

147gr (9.5 grams-ish or .0095 kg)
Muzzle velocity is about 1050 fps (320 m/s)

230gr bullet (15 grams-ish or .015 kg)
about 850 fps (about 260 m/s)

Kinetic energy is 1/2 mv2


1700 joules, 486 joules and 507 joules respectively.

Or if you would prefer, 1253 ft/lb 359 ft/lb and 373 ft/lb respectively.

In no way does any .223 have no kinetic energy, especially when compared to a handgun round. However, kinetic energy and penetration are not proportional, otherwise you'd be looking at some odd 48" ballistic gel penetration for .223, which is not the case at all. And I say 48" because the gel for those handgun rounds seems to be 12-14".

Anyway, nobody can argue with the math. But if you want to argue (if one wants to cal it that... discussing is just fine) interior wall penetration and wound penetration afterwards, I'd like to see a source. Again, not trying to be abrasive, but I've never read any different.

And Russ. Gimme your gun. I want one.
"We have a mental health problem disguised as a gun problem, and a tyranny problem disguised as a security problem."

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