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i think the bowtie looks fine.. like it's meant to be dark grey.. then again it may be more faded than I'm noticing.. i personally don't like when things have too little badging.. that plainness you speak of.. paint it maybe?

i like the supercharged emblem, just not sure i like the placement.. different centering than the SS.. if you go with the SS in place of the bowtie maybe shift supercharged towards right side?

i bought the cheap publix (grocery) brand floss and it worked fine for removing the SS.. just make sure you heat it up enough i guess...

Originally Posted by CamaroKevin View Post
Ever consider something like this?

I saw it on a black Camaro before, looked pretty nice.
wow.. this i like... i just may steal this.. minus the supercharged.. cuz i don't have one yet and also because i encourage others to try =)

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