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Originally Posted by Neriah View Post
Or, you could just knock on his door, or could have walked across the street to talk to him, I mean, Men have conversations and work out issues. Children play games. Just my .02
Originally Posted by PalmerGA View Post
Don't be childish. Go talk to him.... still the best way to communicate.
Originally Posted by OHIOSS View Post
Unbelievable, they are just cars I can't believe people can be so serious.
I think it's totally stupid, I have nothing against Mustang owners. Why
would anyone make it personal just because someone owns a particular

OP, don't listen to these guys... they're no fun and if everyone had this mentality there wouldn't be threads like this for people to enjoy..

obviously from what you've said, this guy isn't someone you'd want to talk to.. from his actions i wouldn't even wanna talk to this guy..

he's mad that camaro>mustang and deserves whatever you've got planned

there's nothing wrong with having harmless fun

kinda makes me wish i had a neighbor rivalry... my neighbor across the street went and bought a silver camaro and now their mustang got kicked out of the garage and sits on the street.. haha

maybe ill start one with the neighbor next door with the 2 prius'... i bet he hates us both..
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