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Originally Posted by simoneves View Post
My current drive (2009 BMW 128i) has Hill Assist and it works seamlessly... as soon as the clutch bites, the brakes release... no need to use any more gas than you'd expect for such a hill, compared with just using the handbrake.

Given that the handbrake in a Camaro is stupidly on the passenger side of the tunnel and therefore hardly optimised for smooth hill-starts, these concerns... concern me!
I don't care how great it works, I'm so glad I got the '12 without it. I guess I like being fully in control of the vehicle, but I learned to drive on a '42 Willys surplus, offroad, hilly environment.

As fas as placement of the E brake on the Camaro, I'm great with it, it's not out of reach at all, wouldn't want in the way of the shifter anyway
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