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Originally Posted by christianchevell View Post
Ambient lighting is just on the top edge of the door insert.......Cup holder and foot well lighting is a $550 option installed and its just a single LED to help see the pedals and floor in each side while you drive and a single led in each cup holder spot. I was underwhelmed at mine when it was installed and went on gen5diy to find the circuit to add lights so now I have lots of led under the dash but its connected to the door and dome lamp circuit and does not stay on unless the dome lamp is turned on which I also have a lot of red LED lights in. The under dash was simply done by splicing in a circuit and adding the self adhesive strips bought form my local parts store, the circuit is in the passenger side front kick panel under the dash...(not explained well on gen5diy....) but they do tell you the circuit so you can splice into the correct positive and negative.
Thanks Christian, but I don't believe we are talking about the same thing. Based on your picture, you don't have a Dusk Special Edition. I realize it is standard on a 2SS in red, but the Dusk editions are suppose to have ice blue and the problem is some have it and some don't it appears. Just trying to find out what I need to do about getting what I paid for and not looking to add anything else at the moment. But when I do your info will be of great help I'm sure. Thanks again.
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