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Aeromotive fuel system issues

Still having issues with the Aeromotive eliminator system after it being installed over a year. I've been on the phone with Aeromotive for hours, and even paid them an unannounced visit all the way in Kansas. They do not have any idea what is going on, and the marketing director even said he would but a Squash system on my car over an Aeromotive system. They recommended that I just put in a fuel cell to fix the problem....These are the issues I'm seeing:

Running full system with speed controller hooked up to a vacuum switch rather than the tach adapter.

The car will shut it self off at idle (because the controller goes into fault mode)

We checked the voltage to the controller and it is constantly above 14V even at idle. If we turn the key to aux and let the pump run without the car on, it never shuts off, only happens when the car is turned on. We cut out the vacuum switch and hooked it up, and it runs fine, except the pump is running at a 100% duty cycle.

We are thinking the vacuum switch might be bad, but i had replaced the vacuum switch, the pump itself, the controller, replaced ALL of the wiring and checked voltage on multiple places on the car.

I asked Aeromotive about the vacuum switch and if it is big enough to be able to read the vacuum. This is the part number they gave me:

Digikey Corp

Operating Pressure 0.04 ~ 0.79 PSI, 1.1 ~ 22" H20
Port Size Male, 1/8" (3.175mm) 27 NPT
Output SPST-NC
Voltage - Supply 120VAC

I think that the operating presure might not be enough for the amount of pressure that I have.

I'm running a 418ci ls3 with twin turbo gt35Rs and am at 10lbs of boost

Any ideas or suggestions would help. I really do not want to pull out my currect system.....

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