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2013 Camaro 2LS Need Some Info On Mods Please

hey there guys I have a 2013 Camaro 2LS Automatic Camaro With 3300 miles its actually pretty quick for what it is I raced 3 other V6 Camaros 1 was a manual & I beat them all anywhere from a half a car to a full car! my friends say the car is a factory freak I raced a V6 mustang & I put him in my quarter panel & that's where he stood until we topped out @ 118 I never took my car to the quarter mile but I think shes in the really low 14s to really really high 13s I raced a buddys GTO 5.7L 6Spd With intake & Mufflers he had 4 people in his car but from 60 to 90 we stood heads up then @ 95 100 he put me in his quarter panel till I topped out OK So now what im getting to is what kind of mods should I do to my car ive been looking for a power programmer but cant find any also whats the Best CAI I don't really wanna touch the exhaust but if it will make a big difference performance wise I will I as thinking intake programmer & catch can but I don't know witch ones to get can someone help me out please??
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