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Originally Posted by Mr pogo View Post
the problem with wood blocks is in your situation the only thing keeping your car from sliding off is gravity and the friction coefficient between your car and the wood.
I bet I could push your car off the blocks just by myself, thats not a safe thing in case of earthquake etc.
thats why wheel chocks are also another thing to use when lifting the opposite end, never trust the parking brake or in park.
plus any sharp protrusions from the chassis into the wood could cause splitting.
Ive used wood blocks to drive on but thats about it.

stay away from the cheapo jackstands and you will be alot safer, I work on heavy trucks for a living and have worked under jackstands probably thousands of times by now.

at home right now I got my other ss on jackstands while I go thru the trans, they are 7 ton norco's and that car has probably stayed on them during various upgrades over a year total

Thanks for the experienced input.
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