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Originally Posted by MXR View Post
How many are interested in going for a cruise after the meet ? I will probably drive up to Sunrise on the east side of Mt Rainier on my way back home after the meet . A couple weeks ago on a Monday we drove up hwy 410 through Wallys /Enumclaw area at noon , went up to Crystal MT ( the gondola was closed weekdays ) , up 410 past the entance to Sunrise ( still closed for snow ? ) , up to Chinook Pass , back down and around the mountain , up to Paradise , back down to Elbe around 3:30 then south on my way home .
That's a good idea! I've been making the point for awhile that this is a good jumping off point to some interesting places.

Originally Posted by Jayhawk500 View Post
This is good. That way the wifey can sleep in some.
I know I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I thought I'd post this map for anyone else who might be wondering how to get here. It's real easy to get here from just about anywhere, and it's almost all freeway, with just a final stretch of highway.

If you are coming from the North; either I-5 or I-405: You want to end up on SR-167 South.

From I-5: You can take SR-18 between I-5 and 167 in Auburn. Although I find the Kent Des Moines Rd in Kent easier and quicker.

From I-405: Just take the Kent-Auburn exit in Renton that puts you right onto 167 Southbound.

Take SR-167 South to the SR-410 interchange. (The green line on the map.) Get on 410. (It only goes East.) Stay on 410 all the way to Buckley.

If you are coming from the South (The red line.): Oregon or Olympia, it's all the same; take I-5 North until you get to the SR-512 interchange at Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Take 512 East. (Once again, it only goes East.) SR-512 ends in Puyallup by meeting up with SR-167. Take 167 East for less than a mile. Stay right all the way, and you'll end up merging onto SR-410 East. Stay on 410 until you get to Buckley.

You could practically drive all the way from Oregon without using your turn signal. (But then people would mistake you for a Washington driver!)

If you are coming from the peninsula: Once you are over the bridge and onto I-5, you can go South to 512. Or you can go Northbound and take the River Road exit to Puyallup, or cut through Fife a little further down if you know the route.

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