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Originally Posted by Sickwitit View Post
Yeah man something I tuned the gains down, because of the air flow I may have to do the T0 series instead of the monster T2's, To's are a little shorter and wouldn't require any changes to the enclosure, with the T2's we would have to loose the fiberglass face on the enclosure. The T5 components are freaking amazing...I'll be doing 4 set's, front doors and the rear seat side panels with these freak of nature (liquid cooled), the deck will remain with the T series 6x9, 4 amps...2 showing and 2 hidden...2 800x4, 1 400x4, 1500x1 the amp for the subs depends on with sub we decide to use...and all the other little goodies(You know what those are). When all said and done it will be a SLP sounding system.:happyanim ::happ yanim:.
I did miss a few things any question just ask.
No bueno there man, you think a sub blew or the speakers in the cabin? When I had my setup I used to blow up subs like like every few months got real frustrating. Damn Liquid Cooled LOL your going big time now. When you had it done did they built custom enclosures into the door panels for the speakers? What amps are you going to go with? Rockford?
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