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Originally Posted by Bad70supreme View Post
For some reason I was thinking your cammed only... with a blower you not going to need 5k... but I would still start at 3800-4000 and work your way up in 200 rpms at a time. I have a feeling 4000-4200 might be a good spot. Good luck man, these cars take a allot of practice to launch!
i agree here too. Seeing as you are blown with a twin disk clutch, this sounds like a perfect start. Dont be afraid to ride it out. It seems unnatural when done right. I started trying at 3500 rpm but i would just bog, it was more difficult to ride the clutch out at that low of RPM due to the material and clamping ability of the clutch. But you have more TQ down low which should help you power through it with less RPM then me. I have to wait for the turbos to spool to get my power.

You honestly dont even need to worry about the actual 1/4 time until you get more comfortable with the launch. I stopped looking at my ET and MPH until i started seeing my 60ft in the area i needed. Usually the top half of the track is a lot easier.
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